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It’s a matter of moral, mental, and physical development for the proud 4,500 midshipmen of the United States Naval Academy, who serve at least five years in the Navy or Marine Corps.Make no mistake: this is a “regimented, disciplined, controlled environment,” but that’s to get all midshipmen to graduation in a fortyseven month program.

Is there even a sliver of common ground for potential bipartisan agreement? To borrow a phrase from Swift (Jonathan, not Taylor), I have a modest proposal that both the Democrats and Republicans in Congress should be able to support.It’s not that they are asking for different pieces of information.I recently worked with a student applying for a nomination, and his two senators and congressman all asked for a transcript, test scores, personal statement explaining desire to attend a service academy, and recommendations.Fortunately, the student body is “capable of helping each other through any conflict,” and students find that their “friendships are true relationships.” Due to the constraints placed on the midshipmen, there can be a great deal of “happy cynicism,” which results in a bit of “sarcasm and [a] make-our-own fun attitude.” USNA students are “quite competitive in all aspects,” but there are “so many people and resources available …committed to your success.” Attending USNA is undoubtedly “a busy lifestyle that allows for little free time.” Students undergo “lots of work, sports, [and] military training” on any given day, so “free time is [spent] either trying to get more than four to five hours of sleep or playing video games [and] watching movies.” Students spend most every day in class or at mandatory events, followed by meetings and homework, and the schedule is very regimented: “Morning quarters formation, classes, noon meal formation, more classes, sports period, evening meal, then study.” A lot of people work out “almost obsessively” as well.There is no drinking allowed and everyone lives in the same dorm (no members of the opposite sex are allowed in rooms), so “a lot of socializing” takes place elsewhere.CARTHAGE Similar to the signing Custom content writers website for phd letters of intent to play sports at college, an academic esl school essay writer websites for phd signing was held at Carthage Central High School recently to .Unsurprisingly, this “bright, hard-working” group has a lot of “type-A personalities who are very outgoing, ambitious, and driven,” so those one student calls “the average Joe who just gets by flying under the radar” are rare.This is “an extremely challenging environment that forces you to grow into both a person of character and caliber,” says another student.The partisan division in Congress didn’t originate with the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, but the events of the past several weeks have exacerbated partisan differences while accomplishing the seemingly impossible task of making both sides look bad.Members of Congress were one of Mark Twain’s favorite targets, and we can only imagine what he would say about their 21st-century descendants.


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