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It may also help you and your employees achieve your retirement savings objectives.Disability Income Insurance Disability income insurance can replace a portion of an employee's earnings in the event of a disability.

The Nefinia team has years of experience in undertaking challenging and comprehensive projects in both the private and public sector.

We also have the resources and commitment to provide services in innovative sectors, on a technological and conceptual level, using an entrepreneurial mind-set.

Our team of senior executive consultants is able to advise you on wealth protection and project management including the full spectrum of financial advice needed to secure your international investment structures added for our trusted clients the exclusive service of offering dual citizenship solutions securing privacy and freedom to move across the Globe.

Nefina offers a variety of services by using the knowledge and experience of its team of experts in both the public and private sector.

Long Term Care Insurance Having long term care insurance is part of smart business planning and can help protect your business and family if a long term care need should arise.

In today's highly-competitive marketplace, it is becoming increasingly difficult to attract and retain top talent. Employees are also looking at an employer's overall benefits package and its potential to help protect their families and adequately prepare them for retirement.

Having the foresight to protect your business against the loss of an owner or an essential employee—perhaps the company's most valuable asset—can mean the difference between business as usual or closing up shop.

Just as you would insure your business property, you should also consider insuring the people who have the biggest impact on your company's success.

NEF's team of world-class analysts have developed a battle-tested process for identifying the right data center to fit specific business, technical and end-user needs.

This comprehensive site selection matrix is the starting point.


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