Ocr Level Biology Coursework

Ocr Level Biology Coursework-73
"This occurred just prior to the exams when it was discovered that the newly refurbished labs were having some gas supply issues.It became apparent that not enough gas was getting to all the taps in the labs, and the college was still resolving the technical problem before the exam period started.

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One replied: "My teacher randomly covered kidneys today and offered no explanation.

Also we covered yesterday a Benedict's test of a non-reducing sugar...

One student who took the exam told the BBC News website that OCR issues a preliminary planning exercise a few months ahead of the exam each year, as part of the overall assessment, and the subject of that is always what subsequently appears in the real thing.

As this year's was about kidneys it was no surprise when that came up. Let us know your thoughts using the form below: I think every candidate knew the kidney was coming up, those who didn't found out on OCR's forum website. They call it a "practical" exam, but you don't get any marks for the quality of your experiment only for how you understood it. Tom King, Bath I took this exam and yes my teacher along with all the other biology teachers hinted at what would be in the exam and yes it was Kidneys and food tests mainly.

"Sadly, it would seem that this student mistakenly interpreted the sudden switch to manually creating water baths just prior to the exams as having more meaning than it in fact did.

The issue was resolved quickly and in time for the start of the exam period." But another student also said: "Kidneys a deffo so revise everything.

The parent - who asked not to be identified - said it was "quite shocking".

There is also a suggestion that specimen results had been available to some students who had been unable to obtain them in the experiment - as in last year's exam.

An exam board is investigating suggestions that some teachers gave students hints about what questions would be in an A-level biology exam.

Discussions in an online student forum ahead of OCR's A2 biology practical identified key areas for revision.


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