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For example, some ambitious Oregonians drove cattle south to the California gold mines. As more Americans pushed westward, new technologies assisted them.

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The article will also look at conflicts between Native Americans and white settlers.

Finally, it will examine the ways in which the West left its mark on American culture. Throughout the 1800's, America's frontier moved steadily westward.

For the most part of it, Hollywood was romanticizing the life and experience of the Old West in their movies and TV shows. Cosmatos, are non-fiction, of real character names and of real events, but they still are largely romanticized by Hollywood.

The portrayal of the movie Tombstone is very romanticized compared to how the Old West really was, Hollywood added romanticism to make it more interesting and to appeal to a larger number of audiences.

Some definitions of the region include all lands west of the Mississippi or Missouri rivers.

For the complete story of western expansion in the United States, see .Hollywood could have made the movie more realistic by following more of what life was really like in the Old West, many parts of the video were not portrayed as they really were back in the Old West.The western film Tombstone, starring Kurt Russell and Val Kilmer, was portrayed and romanticized by Hollywood as and adventurous and heroically mythical, non-fiction story about the life and experience of cowboys in the Old West.For many years, Hollywood has been filming many movies and popular TV shows that portray the life and experience of the Old West for what it was really not, heroically mythical and dangerously romantic.What were the proposes of Hollywood in filming many films about this popular subject of life and history?The Pacific Railroad Act of 1862 authorized a transcontinental rail line.The Union Pacific Railroad built this line westward from Omaha, Nebraska, and the Central Pacific Railroad built it eastward from Sacramento, California. On May 10, to mark the achievement, officials of the two railroads drove silver and gold spikes to join the rails.Later discoveries of rich ore deposits spurred new migrations to a variety of places, including Pikes Peak in Colorado, the Comstock Lode in Nevada, and the Black Hills of South Dakota.In each instance, the local population soared, as miners poured in and people engaged in supplying the miners' many needs flocked to the latest boom towns.This article will first describe the great changes experienced on the western frontier and the different peoples who inhabited that frontier.It will then focus on three major economic activities that transformed the region: mining, ranching, and farming.


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