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This can give you a huge edge compared to launching completely unknown.You can make your novel that much stronger by flushing out your characters back story further online, live to an audience.

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You can use these writing websites to find your Beta reader tribe.

Keep them close and show them appreciation, they are worth their weight in gold. I know it took me a while to sort through all the different online publishing platform options.

Luckily, this is a common first hurdle for lots of writers, so hundreds of tools and apps have sprung up, dedicated to helping you gather your thoughts and start writing.

This bookmarking tool is a great way to collect moments of inspiration and ideas for your story together in one place, where they can be filed and organized, ready to be put to good use.

Interact with the community, and then start writing on the one that you feel matches your personality and content the best.

Remember you don’t have to share your main project on these sites either, they can act as a great outlet for a side project.

One of the things I was curious about when I started my self-publishing journey was there a place online that I could publish my work online publicly prior to full-blown publishing.

So in this article, we will take a look at the best sites for writers to publish their work online…

It might be a ‘how to’ article you want to read, a quote that reminds you of one of your characters, or an image that would be the perfect setting for your next scene.

Inspiration strikes in the most unexpected of places, but as Evernote is available on pretty much every platform, you can collect notes wherever you are.


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