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Donation based crowdfunding is more of a charity for investors do not get back anything themselves but instead the investments are spent on a charitable cause.

There are many different projects that have been funded by crowdfunding and yet many projects are from the entertainment industry.

Lending based crowdfunding is a scheme where investors lend the initial amount and get back what they put into the project after an agreed amount of time.

Equity based crowdfunding is a scheme where investors become shareholders and are entitled to a share of the profits.

Since then many crowdfunding sites have started and these include: The above list only contains a few of the most popular crowdfunding websites and there are many more that are appearing all the time.

There are four main different types of crowdfunding as shown below: Reward based crowdfunding is a scheme where investors receive a product or a service in return for money.

In a climate where banks are either unable to or unwilling to lend money, this idea of crowdfunding is a strong alternative.

Crowdfunding allows anyone to invest in a project or idea and it also allows people to fund their ideas when alternative methods just do not seem right.

Too often conversations about school funding are associated with demands to raise teachers’ salaries, but the situation is far more complex.

Many teachers, especially in urban schools, are working with at-risk students with very few of the necessary resources to support them.


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