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We encourage the submission of papers that explore the functioning of non-model species as well as accepted models species and those that bridge basic and applied research.For instance, studies on plant ecology that show new physiological mechanisms to improve agricultural efficiency are welcome.

The Journal of Soil Science and Plant Physiology (JSSPP) is an International open-access; online journal that publishes peer-reviewed articles in the field of soil science and plant physiology sudies.

The aim of our journal is to encourage scientists and research groups to publish theoretical and experimental results of research in all fundamental and applied fields of plant and Soil Science.

Journal of Soil Science and Plant Physiology, which publishes subject-specific journals, focused on the needs of individual research communities across all areas of plant ecology and plant morphology.

Frontiers articles are published fast; they will be online within ~12 weeks after the submission date.

The peer-review process has been completely revised and adapted to guarantee fairness and efficiency using a thorough paperless process, with real-time author-reviewer-editor interactions, collaborative reviewer mandates to maximize quality, and reviewer disclosure after article acceptance.


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