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Writing things down helps give clarity to your ideas: the written word is a lot more unforgiving that the spoken one in terms of its demand for precision.By its very nature, a proposal is written for an audience of more experienced researchers.These can help evaluate the research and provide guidance.

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Likewise, it makes sure that the university is aware of the research being carried out in its name.

The research proposal also clarifies expectations and acts as a record for all concerned of the research to be carried out.

These documents may well have very specific requirements such as the number of pages or the house style, and may also indicate the sort of questions you should tackle in the research proposal.

You should also talk to your supervisor as you develop the proposal – don't just present him or her with a finished document.

Walliman (2001) considers it as an explanation of the nature of research, why it is needed, the likely outcomes and the resources needed.

Sharp (2003) see the research proposal as a document which finally establishes both the need for the study and confirms that the student has or can acquire the skills or other resources required, while Punch (2000) sees it as an opportunity for the student to present ideas and share in the decision-making process.The approach involves going through a number of stages: At the stage prior to registration, university departments are probably only concerned that the student has thought about the area, has some basic research aptitude, and is interested in an area that the university can provide support for.A research proposal is a concise and coherent summary of your proposed research.This article was co-authored by Christopher Taylor, Ph D.Christopher Taylor is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of English at Austin Community College in Texas.Depending on the stage when the proposal is written it can be either a discussion document, intended to act as matchmaker between students' interests and the research facilities of the university, or a contract between the university and the student as to the scope and nature of the research to be undertaken.The research proposal serves as a quality and reality check: it helps confirm that you have a genuine research area and that you will go about the research in the most appropriate way.If there is more than one possible topic, then probably the best deciding factor is the value of the research.A similar approach is suggested by Punch (2000), who also proposes writing a two-page document which focuses on the basic questions – what is your topic, how are you going to research it, why is it important.Others to consult are experts in the area, and your Ph D student colleagues.It is important to remember that the audience for the research proposal is not made up just of experts, and to write clearly enough that the proposal can be understood on its own, without reference to other documents.


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