Pro Abortion Opinion Essay

Pro Abortion Opinion Essay-50
As we are on a quite liberal campus, his first argument, clearly an attempting at luring progressives to his side, was this one: “It is a fact that fewer women are born because most abortions are made towards female zygotes.As the liberals we are, you would agree that this is bad, isn’t it?I initially had planned on going through them all, in this essay but there’s just no point really. No one can force you to donate a kidney and no one can force you to have a kid if you don’t want to. I care about the women in my life and I want them to be able to be as free as they possibly can.

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So let’s look at the best rebuttals to that argument.

Kristine Kruszelnicki(Executive Director at Pro-Life Humanists) attempted to refute Matt’s analogy in a debate with him by showing a gruesome video of what she describes as a baby being aborted.

By Vikram Parahoo A few weeks ago, I came across this pro-life booth on campus.

One of the people there came up to me and we had a short conversation that got me thinking more about my stance on abortion.

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She also says that a newborn is smaller than a 20-year-old male. The body autonomy argument concedes all that already.

However, we would all agree that both are meaningful. The argument only says that a woman should not be forced to carry a zygote in her body.


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