Problem Solving Stages

Knowing the level of thinking required to solving the problem and having an idea of a solution which is relevant to the problem.To fully understand a problem we need to think about the following: The Electronic Crafts offices have 4 development machines running Linux and C , The platform that is being developed for is the Super MES using Visual Basic. Electronic Crafts have a game engine already running on the Super MES that you could use.Second, change your language from negative to positive.

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If it solves the problem then you have a successful solution.

If it doesn't then you have failed and will have to go back to the drawing board to try another solution that works.

Case study 1: According to Real Time Economics, there are industries that have genuinely evolved, with more roles for people with analytical and problem-solving skills.

In healthcare, for example, a regulatory change requiring the digitization of health records has led to greater demand for medical records technicians.

It is important to define what your system is not going to do - as important as considering what it should do.

Most software projects fail because of specification creep - where the code in development moves away from the requirements because someone (often the developers themselves) feels that it would be good if the application also did thinking.Technological change in the manufacturing industry has reduced routine factory jobs while demanding more skilled workers who can operate complex machinery.Case study 2: Yolanda was having a hard time dealing with difficult clients and dealing with her team at the office, so she decided to take a problem-solving course.” Failure to identify the causes or reasons for the situation often causes you to have to solve it again and again.Fully 25% or more of situations can be effectively dealt with by discovering the correct causes.By following the whole process, you will be able to enhance your problem-solving skills and increase your patience.Keep in mind that effective problem solving does take some time and attention.First, approach the problem with the expectant attitude that there is a logical practical solution just waiting to be found.Be relaxed, calm, confident and clear in your mind.Whether to help a client solve a problem, support a problem-solver, or to discover new problems, problem-solving is a crucial element to the workplace ingredients.Everyone can benefit from effective problem-solving skills that would make people happier. Hence, this approach is a critical element but how can you do it effectively? People tend to put the solution at the beginning of the process but they actually needed it at the end of the process.


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