Problem Solving Strategies In Mathematics

So, they just have to take away 67 from the minuend — 567 — and the subtrahend — 153 — before solving the equation.

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Successful mathematical problem solving depends upon many factors and skills with different characteristics.

In fact one of the main difficulties in learning problem solving is the fact that many skills are needed for a learner to be an effective problem solver.

The problems used to create genuine learning opportunities should be of the challenging type and not only those similar to ones already solved in the past.

Mathematical problem solving is a process that involves a set of factors and tasks to achieve a defined goal.

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Mathematical problem solving is one of the most important topics to learn and also one of the most complex to teach.

Geometry was also widely used in land measurement [1].

Mathematics is now used to quantify numerically and spatially natural as well as man-made situations.


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