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For a great example of a project schedule, go here.3.) Project Deliverables Make a list of project "deliverables." (These are the products, information, reports, etc that will be delivered to the client at the end and throughout the duration of the project).This information can be placed in the index at the end.

For a great example of a project schedule, go here.

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Then it provides details on methodology, the population being addressed, and how anticipated problems will be managed.

1.) The Project Approach Summary Write a few short paragraphs or bullet points on your overall approach to the project.

This sections details the plan for how the project objectives will be achieved.

It usually starts with a description of the overall approach.

Next in process is defining objectives that would help in achieving the goal.

Program managers should not overlook both these steps as, well drafted goals and objectives facilitate in developing an articulate proposal that has high chances of getting funded.

Make sure to also include any overhead costs (called "indirect costs") that will be associated with the project.

2.) Budget Narrative The budget narrative is basically a list of commentary needed to clarify and justify the figures on your budget.

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