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Or you can take these projects and directly implement them in your classes.

They range from creating a wind turbine to designing a kinetic battery and much more.

Parents can check out a few free kid-friendly programming languages and tools to help them get started.

Illinois Tech’s Information Technology and Management program offers an innovative learning experience where students work on cutting-edge projects.

A project can also involve studying the design of existing networks — such as those of a school — and identifying ways to improve them.

Elementary and middle-school students can begin preparing for these kinds of projects by learning to code.The experience of setting up a small network teaches a person a lot about basic networking technologies.Beginner level projects include bringing together different types of equipment and evaluating the configuration settings each one offers and how easy or difficult it is to get particular types of connections working.These projects for engineering students are mostly geared toward electrical engineering, but many can be adapted for or inspire projects in other engineering disciplines.Discovery Press: This compilation of projects for engineering students can be used as a springboard to inspire projects of your own creation.Here’s how the numbers shook out: Because of this overwhelming response, we transformed all of our engineering design challenges into easy-to-use projects for engineering students.Access this free download now or continue reading for more engineering project ideas.Resources demonstrate how to leverage projects for integrating engineering and technology concepts; experiencing the entire engineering design process; learning about nanotechnology; and much more.Elprocus: This website has pulled together more than 100 final-year engineering project abstracts for educators to use in their classrooms.IT student projects may involve the planning for large computer networks, such as those used by schools, businesses, internet service providers, and data centers.Network capacity planning includes estimation of equipment costs, layout decisions, and consideration of the software and services the network can support.


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