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I many countries and cultures though, cimes such murder, teason, aultery, icest, sdomy and theft commonly result in the sentencing of convict to the death.Oher crimes that warrant capital punishment in various...First of all, let’s focus on the arguments of those people who are against death penalty as a punishment for heavy type of criminals.

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Te Jews also, punish perceived capital offenders by death by crucifying them as was the case of Jesus Christ.

Wile most of these means were common in ancient societies, teir use in some modern societies persists.

He sends us to this world, and only He can decide when it is time for us to go from this world.

They are convinced that death penalty is nothing else but an act of violence which has extremely negative effects on modern society.

Cmmonly, lons, sakes, o leopards were unleashed upon the convicts in an ultimate move to cause their death.

Oher means of causing the death of wrongdoers in ancient societies included boiling to death, cushing the wrongdoer using various means, cucifixion, ad dismemberment.They say that putting bad people to death is an expression of a true justice.I think the above mentioned arguments can be useful to those students who need to write death penalty pros and cons essay.It violates the main right that we all have, the right to live, and executing capital punishment is nothing else but a cruel and brutal way to kill a human being.Finally, they underline that practicing death penalty is not something that can stop violence and brutal killings, thus it will not work for increasing safety of our society.Oe main difference between the execution of death penalties in ancient times and many of societies is the fact that previously, sme societies demanded that even the members of family of the wrongdoer be executed together with them (the wrongdoer).Tis was done in association irrespective of whether the relatives participated in the crime or whether they were innocent (Benn, 2002).Yt again, wongdoers in other societies would be slowly sliced, dcapitated, o sawed.Bth in the Old and New Testaments of the bible, i is recorded of quite a number of instances that wrongdoers were stoned to death.They are sure that death penalty can play a very powerful role as a deterrent and this way make criminals understand what price they are going to pay for doing such heavy criminal acts as murders, rapes, torturing their victims, etc. Capital punishment proponents believe that death penalty can also serve as a threat to those who are planning acts of terrorism and other serious criminal acts.Finally, there is also an idea that exchanging capital punishment with life-long imprisonment is not a solution, and executing criminals is better and cheaper that supporting them in prison all their life long.


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