Psychosynthesis And The Inner Life

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In order to successfully help clients through this process, a psychosynthesis therapist must establish an authentic, safe and trusting relationship setting.

Rather than giving advice, they will aim to assist and guide their client through exploration and discovery - helping them to find their own solutions to the particular challenges they are faced with.

Driving this process forward is a diverse range of techniques drawn from other therapeutic approaches.

These are tailored to a client's individual needs, existential situation, psychological type, desired future goals and path of development.

This process is enhanced when a client learns to cooperate, and feels confident accessing every part of their being - letting their inner self work freely.

Another core theoretical assumption of psychosynthesis is the belief that out of every crisis or challenge, something new is seeking to emerge that will lead us on to the path of growth and transformation.

century by Italian psychiatrist, Roberto Assagioli, who unlike Freud believed in a more inclusive concept of humanity - one that integrated spiritual as well psychological elements.

Psychosynthesis explores and supports the ways in which people harmonise various aspects of their personal self in order to grow and develop.

This forms an important part of therapy as it helps clients to discover a higher, spiritual level of consciousness that will facilitate positive changes and personal growth.

The practice of psychosynthesis is based on the idea that every person only uses a small part of their potential and that we are all capable of leading fulfilling lives.


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