Purpose Of Writing A Reflective Essay

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A reflective essay may be academic in the aspect that a student may be asked to write a lesson learnt in class and reflect its application in real life.The second instance is the informal format where a story may be narrated in a piece of an article or magazine, and the aspect of reflection brought out about the society regarding leadership.

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In diary format, you have to narrate your thoughts in such a way that one occurrence results in another.

A reflective essay may take different formats depending on the audience.

You can also choose to portray the interesting part of your story in the introduction on a light note so that the reader can be attracted to find out more about the story in the body.

You should include a small thesis statement at the end of your introduction.

A thesis statement is a simple statement that summarizes what the essay is to cover or focus.

Since it is a reflective essay, your thesis should contain a small overview of your experience.A reflective paper is all about relating a current situation with some past events.A reflection is creating of an image which shares attributes with the real object, same way to reflective writing, you are required to describe a past event and show the reader how it repeats itself later on.There are many ways to attract the attention of the reader and make them anticipate for the body; you can apply all form of suspense.To create suspense in the introduction, you can bring on questions that have no answers and direct the reader to find the answers below.How you start your essay is the determiner of whether you are going to come up with a great essay or not.Before you start your paper, you have to organize the points following the procedures below: At last, you should ask yourself the question to act as a guide in the presentation of your response to the reader.The difference in essay outlines comes in the content to write in the different sections of your essay.An introduction should be a brief description or background story about the topic under discussion.The body is the main part of your essay, and it is in the body where you are expected to bring out your ideas.In the body paragraphs, you should introduce your paragraphs with topic sentences.


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