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By keeping in mind that the text is a DELIBERATE CONSTRUCTION, this can help eliminate retelling.A good guideline to follow is to include the author’s name at least once every paragraph.Hecuba recalls that the infant Troilus was slow to walk, and reminds Priam that she was in labour with Hector for 18 hours.

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These involve the author’s use of symbols, metaphors, subtext, or genres.

Consider why the author chose those particular words, images or symbols? What themes or characters are embodied within these literary devices?

But near the end of Ransom, Achilles is taken aback to find himself thinking "unheroic thoughts" about the sanitary preparations for those rites, taken care of by laundresses and washerwomen who compel him to leave before they go to work on Hector's body.

Only a novel can penetrate this private, secret world, from which a hero who performs his brutish deeds of valour in the public arena is debarred.

Some examples are:- (author) elicits- (author) endorses or condemns- (author) conveys Move beyond talking about character and relationships. How are they used to show readers what the author values?

To explore the text BEYOND characters, themes and ideas, tackle the following criteria: In other words, this means the context in which the text was written.

Comment on the mise-en-scene, camera angles, overview shots, close ups, flashbacks, soundtrack, to name a few. These contain great detail of the author’s intentions.“While some may perceive…

others may believe…” is a good guideline to follow in order to explore different angles and complexities of the text. To weave in textual evidence, don’t simply ‘plonk’ in sentence long quotes. Ensure your essay is always linked to the prompt; don’t go off on an unrelated tangent.

So how do we elevate our essays to become more sophisticated and complex analyses that offer insight?

Before reading on, make sure you've read our Ultimate Guide to VCE Text Response.


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