Research Paper On Drug Addiction

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This habit or addiction has a great impact on brain.In order to presume a better life people must stop abusing drug.Among these drug addicts, 91% are young and adolescents population.

It is necessary to understand that the sooner the problem will be attended, the better it is for the treatment progress.

There are certain symptoms of drug abuse: when drug is getting people into legal trouble, if because of it people start neglecting their responsibilities, when they under dangerous conditions, and when they cause problems in relationships.

Otherwise devastating effects of drug will destroy the manpower and economic growth of the country.

Drugs are chemicals that disrupts the brain the nerve cell function.

and various levels to which people become dependent on drugs.

Some people start taking them because of pure curiosity, others so as to improve their athletic performance or reduce stress and get rid of depression.Heroin use alone is responsible for the epidemic number of new cases of HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis and drug addicted infant born each year.Department of narcotic control (DNC) in Bangladesh reported in June 2008 that about 5 million drug addicts in the country & addicts spend at least 17 (Seventeen) billion on drugs per year.It doesn’t matter why people start, the main thing here is to get help at the right time and not to ruin their life and health.When people start taking drugs, with time the way their brain functions and looks is altered.Authors are requested to submit articles directly to Online Manuscript Submission System of respective journal.ISSN: 2471-853X NLM ID: 101674889 Journal of Drug Abuse is aim to publish foster activities in the field of drug abuse and the burden associated with mental, neurological and substance use disorders, and to promote mental health worldwide.It is absolutely necessary to prevent drug addiction levels’ raise, and it is necessary for all the people to take part in this prevention program. Every day, 44 Americans die from overdoses involving prescription opioids.That produces euphoria and that heightened pleasure can be so compelling that the brain wants that feeling back again and again.However repetitive exposure induces widespread adaptive changes in the brain. An estimated 4.7% of the global population aged 15 to 64 or 184 million people, consume illicit drug annually.


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