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Also, we only focused in this study on the relation of management practices with motivation, and we did not take into account other potentially important psychological factors that may also be affected by these management practices, such as stress, self efficacy or work satisfaction.Nevertheless, our study points to the importance of having and communicating organizational values to which employees can relate, and offering training and coaching possibilities to employees so that they can further develop themselves, as these practices can facilitate their intrinsic motivation.A recent study found that offering training opportunities and communicating organizational values may facilitate intrinsic motivation of employees.

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Greater motivation, better performance The current focus on studying employee motivation within organizations is driven by a desire to identify what motivates employees to do their jobs well.

We examined, for instance, how performance measurement practices relate to motivation, and we found that focusing attention on results can have a positive effect on the extrinsic motivation of employees.

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Research on motivation has attracted academic and corporate entities over the last two decades.

Cultural control—far removed from budgeting systems and monetary incentives—has to do with trying to influence the organization’s culture, for instance by exemplary behavior of senior managers and the communication of organizational values.

Paying attention to this aspect and creating a favorable work environment for employees has a direct relation with intrinsic motivation.

Managers and human resources departments play a crucial role in creating a work atmosphere that facilitates employee motivation and, consequently, organizational performance.

All organizations want motivated employees, but how can management practices contribute to employee motivation?


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