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Research Proposal Assignment-8
Special consideration will be given to interdisciplinary studies. Broad study: A broad study of current work in a subspecialty within the student's major field.

The College of Liberal Arts and Human Science has established an Undergraduate Research Institute (URI).

Other colleges, departments (Computer Science) and labs have followed suit.

Up to 40 grants are offered each year on a competitive basis.

For the summer of 2013 over 550 grant applications were received; 27 grants were awarded.

Your analysis will be based on what you have learned about proposals from our class — using any of the course resources — and any additional research you perform.

Ultimately, your goal is to determine how effective the page is at teaching someone to write a business proposal and to provide recommendations for improving the page.As the page notes: "[...] it is not mandatory for writers to include every single element listed below in their proposal.Sections can be combined or even briefly stated in other sections." Due June 25 by midnight: This assignment, a hypothetical, asks you to prepare a research proposal according to guidelines similar to those published by many foundations, universities and government agencies.Project Categories: Proposed projects must fall into one of the following three categories.You must identify the category into which your proposal falls.Grants require ten weeks of full-time work on a carefully defined project under the direction of a supervisor who has the qualifications to advise and evaluate the project.Examples of projects include research on plant or animal species (such as a sea grass or a marine parasite), development of an education program, research on an issue in computer hardware or software, historical research in regional history or literature, or an engineering design project.Too, this assignment offers you a chance to develop skills needed in applying for grant money in the future.Please pay close attention to the information asked for in the request for proposal (RFP).You have been asked to review the Wikipedia page for Professional and Technical Writing/Proposals.The page is part of an open-content textbook created by, and for, students enrolled in Technical and Professional Writing courses. You will not only describe the strengths and limitations of the contents of the page for teaching students how to prepare a business proposal, but also make recommendations as to how the page can be revised and improved.


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