Review Related Literature About Teenage Pregnancy

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More so, the fact that most parents pay less attention to their children, coupled with the fact that teenagers today are growing up in a culture way in which peers, television and motion pictures, music and magazine often transmit either covert or overt message on unmarried sexual relationship (specifically those involving teenagers) are commonly accepted and at times expected behavior have contributed immensely to the moral decadence rampant among our teenagers.

Even though the educational system promotes education as a pillar of responsible sexual behavior and specific information about the consequences of sexual intercourse (including teenage pregnancy, sexual transmitted diseases and psychological effects) that are frequently not offered at home, or in the community settings.

Ectopic pregnancy, in which the fetus begins to develop outside the uterus, often in a fallopian tube, is another complication.

It is often the result of scarring from a sexually transmitted disease.

In Namibia, more than 46,000 teenagers were pregnant in 2013 which translates into about 127 girls every day a United Nations report revealed.

According to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) these statistics were released in commemoration of World Population Day, celebrated on 11 July every year.Smoking has been linked to low–birth weight infants; alcohol consumption during pregnancy has been linked to a group of defects called fetal alcohol syndrome. The technology relating to pregnancy has made great advances and has created a number of ethical issues. We share our knowledge and peer-reveiwed research papers with libraries, scientific and engineering societies, and also work with corporate R&D departments and government entities.pregnancy, period of time between fertilization of the ovum (conception) and birth, during which mammals carry their developing young in the uterus (see embryo).The use of fertility drugs has led to a marked increase in multiple births. Abortion, in which pregnancy is terminated prior to birth, has long been a subject of heated debate, and surrogate motherhood (see surrogate mother) has also raised ethical issues in recent years. Students seem not to be doing well in this domain as many get pregnant every year.Therefore, much of the sex education teenagers receive filters through misinformed and/or unified peers. Available from: Sylvia Kirchengast (October 26th 2016). This chapter is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Teenage Pregnancies: A Worldwide Social and Medical Problem, An Analysis of Contemporary Social Welfare Issues, Rosario Laratta, Intech Open, DOI: 10.5772/65462.


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