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On the other hand, poor countries do not have enough schools and good educators to educate their children.

It simply isn't right for a country to waste good things that other countries are going without.

By enabling poorer countries to stand on their own, they might help the helper in the end (sounds like a fairy tail I've heard before!

It has been thought by many that rich nations are getting richer while poor countries are getting poorer.

There are several causes that could explain this highly divisive issue.

Both are scenarios that occur on a daily basis in our countries, some more extreme than others are.

With that in mind a question of whether or not rich nations have an obligation to help those nations if need arises.In addition, developed countries have prestigious universities that educate their citizens.This is an advantage because education is essential in producing good leaders that will manage their country.The affluent nations become richer because they have the top of the line technologies and machines which provide them faster workflow.In the present climate, technology has been the heart and soul of developed countries with regard to their economic status.In this way poor nations can become stronger, in the long run.Moreover, some poor countries need aid immediately.Professor of philosophy Peter Singer and biologist Garrett Hardin both have very different opinions on this matter and the following paper will focus on their arguments.Peter Singer’s argument focuses greatly on the nation that citizens of rich He suggests that money given to a charity could morally bring about the same type of satisfaction, than if going on vacation or spending money on a video games (Singer 336.) Singer also suggests that often time’s society is afraid of where their money will end up or how it will be use when donated.Furthermore, developed nations should also share their knowledge about technology and innovation.By doing so, this would enhance the skills and knowledge of individuals who are living in the poor countries and they can utilize their learned skills to their future careers.


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