Sample Of Research Design In Research Paper

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Justify why you chose those methods over others, then explain how those methods will provide answers to your research questions.Common examples are qualitative video analysis, photography analysis, qualitative interviews, group discussions, discourse analysis and biographical research.

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State problems are easier to measure than process problems.

State problems just require one measurement of the phenomena of interest, while process problems always require multiple measurements.

It is also possible to have an idea about a relation between variables but to lack knowledge of the direction and strength of the relation.

If the researcher does not have any specific hypotheses beforehand, the study is exploratory with respect to the variables in question (although it might be confirmatory for others).

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Sample Of Research Design In Research Paper

Together, they cited information from 19 references.Often, these variables are measured quantitatively. Flexible designs allow for more freedom during the data collection process.One reason for using a flexible research design can be that the variable of interest is not quantitatively measurable, such as culture.Research designs such as repeated measurements and longitudinal study are needed to address process problems.In an experimental design, the researcher actively tries to change the situation, circumstances, or experience of participants (manipulation), which may lead to a change in behaviour or outcomes for the participants of the study.Examples of state problems are the level of mathematical skills of sixteen-year-old children or the level, computer skills of the elderly, the depression level of a person, etc.Examples of process problems are the development of mathematical skills from puberty to adulthood, the change in computer skills when people get older and how depression symptoms change during therapy.A distinction can be made between state problems and process problems.State problems aim to answer what the state of a phenomenon is at a given time, while process problems deal with the change of phenomena over time.The advantage of confirmatory research is that the result is more meaningful, in the sense that it is much harder to claim that a certain result is generalizable beyond the data set.The reason for this is that in confirmatory research, one ideally strives to reduce the probability of falsely reporting a coincidental result as meaningful.


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