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c) Organize your essay and divide it into a couple of paragraphs. d) Decide in which sequence you would like to share your ideas. e) Jot down any side notes you may want to include in the essay.It’s always better to have an overabundance of material.A few days after I turned six, something happened that would alter the course of my life forever. When it comes to reflective writing, you don’t have to follow any strict guidelines or rules.

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Or perhaps, you want to create it simply for yourself and never show it to anyone.

Regardless of the reason, after reading this article you will hopefully become better at it.

b) Consider the attractiveness of your topic from the reader’s point of view.

You certainly don’t want to bore anyone so pick something interesting, but important.

Start at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end – as long as it’s coherent, you’ll be fine.

After all, you’re drilling into your personal experiences, and quite often, this requires a poetic turn of the phrase.Many great men and women (like Charles Darwin or Frida Kahlo) had a habit of keeping a journal.This seems to be forgotten these days as we record everything through our mobile devices.The best piece of advice on that is to avoid cliches.It might be hard to do this at first, but decide to speak your truth.And just in case you need to write a GRE or a college admission essay, you can get it graded and reviewed before submitting by a company like the Princeton Review.They helped a lot of students over the years so you may check them out.Talk about things and feelings unique to you and your life.It’s easy to regurgitate what someone else had said before because it’s safe territory.In this article, I share eight tips (and a few examples) that will help you do it in a better way.You may have to write a reflective essay as a part of an academic assignment or a college paper.


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