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Elementary, middle, and high school students are initially assigned to a designated attendance area school based on where the student lives.Individual school attendance area maps are available on our School Directory page.Many homeschoolers take community college classes while in high school.

An unschooling record keeper is helpful for keeping track of educational activities should such records be needed.

The planner is an exclusive download for our newsletter subscribers (we would love for you to subscribe and download it! Homeschool Planner Plus is a spreadsheet planner that is a full digital planner for an individual homeschool student.

To view designated school assignments for elementary, middle, and high school students using your current address, use the address lookup tool.

Option schools offer a variety of approaches and instructional methods. Option schools are available for students at all grade levels.

You can track every inch of your work so that you can organize everything and avoid any mess up during the work.

During your studies, you may have to prepare tons of assignments and it is not possible to remember everything with due dates.

The student assignment planner template contains assignment details, name of instructor, details of an assignment, start date and due date as well as progress rate of each assignment.

The assignment schedule is equally good for college and university students and the employees of the big organizations.

Including course planners for each level of schooling (elementary, middle school, and high school), assignment sheets, reading logs, attendance sheets, and report cards, Homeschool Planner Plus is a workbook that can track your student’s progress throughout his homeschool years.

View it here » Our Homeschool Planner Plus includes an older version of our transcript template which remains in the workbook, but we now have a revised and updated the transcript template and are making it available as a separate download.


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