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Take this for example, at present time in the United States; the rate of teen birth and abortions is the highest among other western countries with teenagers over a number of one million going through pregnancy every year.The highest number of those having sexually transmitted diseases is also proven in past surveys and reports with teenagers being the apparent source.

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They argued that those who did take the pledges and those who didn’t did not have much difference in not having sex.

They felt that the information provided from the education was unable to help the teenagers and could not prevent teen pregnancy. However, it is indeed proven to be true that sex education can reduce teen pregnancy and teen births.

Meanwhile, Sub-Saharan Africa also has the highest number of teen pregnancy in the world.

In Asian countries however, Thailand has reported that a noteworthy sum of unmarried teenagers are sexually active with 25% of students admitted to hospitals to undergo abortions.

On the other hand, some have claimed that implementing sex education in schools actually promotes the risk of sex and is ineffective.

However, based on various research findings, it is shown that sex education is effective by reducing the rate of teen pregnancy, providing correct information and also decreasing the number of HIV, AIDS and STDs cases among teenagers.

Even on the Internet, when one clicks on a certain link to a website, adverts containing sexual messages and pictures are posted to the side of the pages as if they were normal.

Teenagers could have strayed easily to such websites and unknowingly received incorrect information about sex.

However, both of them also teach about the process of sex education which can lead to teenagers understanding about how to make their choices and making them right.

Teenagers need information and the right sources to help and protect themselves.


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