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Along with that, the government has also made the policy of distributing free books in primary schools.This would help the parents, who cannot afford their child’s education and school expenses can send their children to schools.According to the survey of Federal Bureau of Statistics (FBS) in 2002, the number of working children in Pakistan was approximately 3.5 million or 7% of the total workforce in Pakistan.

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In Pakistan, children aged 5-14 are around 40 million.The policy envisaged that the government is committed to end child labor.It was also promised by the government of Pakistan in 2000, that the law to eliminate child labor and bonded labor at an economic level would be implemented in 2002 and till 2005; there would be no bonded labor or child labor in Pakistan.The practice of child labor is considered illegal by many countries and exploitative by many international organizations.(Child Labor at Distrcit Level, 2009)Child labor is one of the problems that occur as a result of the responses to the economic problems faced by vulnerable children.The issue has been seriously addressed by the above bodies either individually or in conjunction with any other body.The role of each of the above mentioned body in the eradication of child labor in Pakistan is as follows: GOVERNMENT OF PAKISTAN: Government of Pakistan has been actively working for the eradication of child labor in Pakistan.Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service.Activities of government towards the issue have been gaining considerable attention since late 1990’s, when the matter of child labor emerged as a serious consideration due to international exposure.Though the government has not been able to deliver on the promises made due to the increased political weaknesses in the company, still there have been continuous efforts made on their part.


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