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The watershed and then the weight, whatever turns up and tips us over that razor’s edge between something and nothing, between one and the other. We ran him a bath and held him under, dried him off and dressed him and loaded him into the back of the pick-up.Simon Armitage was born in West Yorkshire, England in 1963.

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He earned a BA from Portsmouth University in geography, and an MS in social work from Manchester University, where he studied the impact of televised violence on young offenders.

He worked as a probation officer for six years before focusing on poetry. As a reviewer for the (1989), a Poetry Society Book Choice. He has won an Eric Gregory Award and a Lannan Award, and was chosen as a (2008).

By describing social issues very simply, with uncomplicated language and little diversions, Armitage brings them to the forefront of the reader's mind, which will associate with the images they recall from when the news stories broke.

'His work bridges the often yawning gap between seriousness and inaccessibility' (Bond 2007)The complexity of the issues is not undermined by this, only heightened.

Armitage finishes on a single line, again an unusual structure, but in this case the simple ending is most effective.

Robinson lays down his 'paper-clips and staples' (Kid 84:2) and finally chooses to make a stand against 'the business of work' (Kid 84:8).Killing Time was inspired by Louis Mac Neice's Autumn Journal in which he stated that 'poetry, in my opinion, must be honest before anything else and I refuse to be "objective" or clear-cut at the cost of honesty'(1939 : Introduction).This is reflected clearly in Armitage's millennium poem and his other works.'Robinson's Resignation' (Kid 84) is another poem which looks at the repetitiveness of a regular nine-to-five routine life.Robinson claims he is 'done with this thing called work' (Kid 84:1) and that this is his 'final word. The stanzas are made of lines of seven, an unusual number, difficult to work rhyme around and not balanced on the page.On 19 June 2015, Armitage was elected to the part-time position of Oxford Professor of Poetry, succeeding Geoffrey Hill.Armitage was born in Huddersfield, West Riding of Yorkshire and grew up in the village of Marsden.Simon Robert Armitage CBE (born ) is an English poet, playwright and novelist.He is currently a Professor of Poetry at the University of Sheffield.Armitage uses a simplistic style of writing, common lexis and usually quite overt subject matter.His anthologies range in topics, including the largely biographical Book of Matches which incorporates numerous stories about his childhood, both serious and light-hearted.


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