Six Problem Solving Steps

Six Problem Solving Steps-14
Look for the root cause of the problem rather than get sidetracked by the symptom.With the deadlines and sub-deadlines, you will know immediately if you are on track or if you are falling behind. Success is a mark of a creative thinker, and when you use your ability to think creatively, your success can be unlimited. How to Identify Your Key Result Areas So You Can Solve More Problems in the Least Amount of Time If you haven’t figured out how to solve your problem by following this 10-step process, then remember this mantra: “When in doubt, talk it out.” That’s because our ability to communicate is the most important skill you can develop to get on to the fast track in your career.It's a simple way to reinforce the belief that you have what it takes to triumph over any difficult situation.

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Psychologists and researchers have developed a systematic approach for discovering a sustainable solution to any problem. Once you settle on a solution, monitor its progress.

You could also play board games with friends or family.

I play King of Tokyo with my daughter to help us both become more strategic. Friends and family are great places to start because they can provide support and encouragement. You could also delegate some work to your team to give a specific problem your complete attention.

A major reason for meetings in the business organization is problem solving and decision making.

The key to effective problem solving and decision making discussions, is for you to all go through the process systematically. ” Too many problem-solving discussions end up focusing all of the attention of all the people present on what happened in the past and who is to blame.


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