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Many Smarty 2 API calls are deprecated but still work.

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The code for this class function is PHPycho I totally agree and usually I would use php but on this occasion I am using an api and a default software client so I have to use smarty for the templates.

I'm sure that what I want to do is possible it's just how the array is carried across to php.

You can disable the notices, but it is highly recommended to adjust your syntax to Smarty 3, as the Smarty 2 syntax must run through an extra rerouting wrapper.

Basically, all Smarty methods now follow the "foo Bar Baz" camel case syntax.

FILE STRUCTURE The Smarty 3 file structure is similar to Smarty 2: A lot of Smarty 3 core functionality lies in the sysplugins directory; you do not need to change any files here.

The /libs/plugins/ folder is where Smarty plugins are located.

Also, all Smarty properties now have getters and setters.

So for example, the property $smarty-get Cache Dir().

I'll include my PHP class, some of the PHP logic that builds the Smarty variables (my Smarty object array), and then a portion of the Smarty template that displays my PHP object array.

First, I have this PHP class that I use to represent a certain type of file I've defined: (That's just a subset of what the class does, which is all you need to see for this example.) Next up, I create my Smarty template variables in my PHP controller class.


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