Spider Diagram For Essay Writing

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An example is when you want to write the benefits of something.

In one circle, there will be benefits; the other circle will have the side effects.

A word map breaks down the main point and helps a writer figure out if the idea is worthy.

Moreover, a writer may use help from valuable resources like friends or family.

Although some ideas seem better than others do, all ideas should be written first depending on the initial thoughts.

One idea often leads to another idea; therefore, making a judgment at this initial stage slows down the process. People often write best when they explore subjects they have a personal interest in.The first step towards effective brainstorming is to set a goal of what one hopes to gain from the session.For example, is it to develop potential topics for a paper or ideas that support a particular argument?The first one is filling the page, which is what is described above.One takes a pen and paper and writes many ideas, which come to mind.The first paper will be a rough draft because you will be writing fast.There are two ways of brainstorming when writing a paper.There are tools one can use to help in organizing the ideas as quickly as possible.A Venn diagram, for instance, will come handy in assisting one to put across the ideas.The purpose of the outline is to have thoughts in point form to represent ideas.With all these points in place, one will brainstorm perfectly for a paper.


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