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Step two: What things could I therefore be excellent at that are good/useful for the world?Step three: What things could I be excellent at, that people demonstrate they want, based on how they spend their money/time?This demonstrates why a lot of people who have really high scores but don’t have any specifically unique achievements don’t get in.

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Stanford Essay Prompts 2014 Undergraduate Heroes Essay

More than that would be very marginal improvements.Step four: Of the answers to step two and three, which things are other people not working on and are not going to start working on in the next 3–4–5 years?Lastly — what is the intersection of all of those answers?Stanford may want to admit you if they had perfect information — but they don’t. I suspect that every year there are hundreds or thousands of students that apply to Stanford where those students are as good or better as the students that Stanford admits, except for one thing.Stanford admits the applicants that are able to communicate their greatness, and unfortunately, Stanford has to reject the applicants that cannot communicate their greatness.He was ahead of most of the people in the room.”“He was obviously a sharp young man.His vision extended beyond his academic hopes, however.And as with everything, he did it with absolutely no expectation of receiving anything in return, but rather just as a demonstration of his character and excitement.”“If you accept _, there is absolutely zero chance that he will be someone who never ventures out of his room.He is exploding with energy, is someone who has long been able to balance a very busy school life along with a life full of extra-curricular business activities, and is someone who cannot help but to engage with and inspire those around him.”“As a leader of _, he is someone who I would love to have on any one of my teams; as an aspiring entrepreneur, he is someone who I would love to get advice from; as a junior at Stanford, he is someone who I know will add to the community and live up to Stanford’s name, and as a person, he is someone who I look up to and would love to become better friends with.”I believe the best thing to do with your time is to work out the answer to the following question, and then once you’ve worked out the answer to begin working on it: Step one: What am I uniquely good at (or if you are early in your life, which is likely, what things could I become uniquely good in 5 years based on my traits).” (Thanks CW)What’s an example of how I can demonstrate curiosity, energy, intellectual vitality, and more?These excerpts show the sort of thing that would leave a strong impression on an admissions committee.


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