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Regardless such special attachment, the author defends women’s right to make their own medical decisions.She urges to acknowledge that by deciding abortion is legal we put a higher value on a woman’s life and medical freedom than a life or non-life inside her womb.The conclusion can be a restatement of what you said in your paper.

Regardless such special attachment, the author defends women’s right to make their own medical decisions.

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Reaction or response papers are usually requested by teachers so that you'll consider carefully what you think or feel about something you've read.

The following guidelines are intended to be used for reacting to a reading although they could easily be used for reactions to films too.

Since there is sufficient rationale behind the decision to ban abortion as well as convincing reasons to support it, I remained uncertain for a while until I read Denkmire’s persuasive arguments for abortion backed up by relevant studies.

I have common ground with the author on abortion safety rates for it has been proven that pregnancy termination legally induced by skilled professionals is safer than childbirth (Raymond & Grimes, 2012).

Denkmire also refutes the statement about psychological damage women receive after abortion.

Before reading this article, the question “should abortion be banned” appeared rather ambiguous to me.We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the writing quality we offer.It is often used to introduce students to the notion of source integration, and it can also serve as a foundation for introducing other rhetorical styles.The author uses substantial scientific evidence to support her argument and offers a personal opinion to emphasize the fundamental importance of individual choice.Denkmire reveals that since early fertile years she associated pregnancy with the concept of growing a life inside; “it was spiritual and emotional” (Denkmire, 2016).Includes the best of Busy Teacher: all 80 of our PDF e-books.That's 4,036 pages filled with thousands of practical activities and tips that you can start using today. Finally, it can be a prediction of the effects of what you're reacting to.Note: your conclusion should include no new information.Denkmire suggests focusing on the issues of health and safety before concluding abortion is wrong.She relies on scientific data to prove abortion holds no threat to woman’s health if performed by a well-trained medical caregiver.


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