Summary Of Bacon Essay Of Simulation And Dissimulation

Summary Of Bacon Essay Of Simulation And Dissimulation-76
In three ways they prove disadvantageous to man in the practical affairs of life.

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The short pithy sayings in his essays have become popular mottoes and house hold expressions.

Bacon appears before the reader in these essays not in the character of a scientist or philosopher, but as a man of the world.

Bacon’s style is most remarkable for its terseness. Every sentence in his essays is pregnant with meaning and is capable of being expanded into several sentences.

Many of sentences appear to be proverbial saying by virtue of their gems of thoughts expressed in a pithy manner. Its essays combine wisdom in thoughts with extreme brevity.

We should cultivate the has it of properly evaluating the worth of the opinion expressed in books by bringing to bear on this work of appraisal our powers of critical judgment.

Bacon says that all book have not the same value and utility, some books are to be tasted i.e, read but not so curiously, there are few books that read with full attention and concentration and kept in mind deeply.Natural abilities include crude instincts impulses. Desires, passions or qualities inherited from one’s fore father or learnt from social milieu, just as the careful gardener prunes of superfluous growths of unwanted braches of plants in a garden.As a matter of fact, bookish knowledge must be supplemented and perfected by the practical experience of life.He father say, that all books are not to be read personally.Some books on less important topics and they should be read through in the form of summary or abstract.crafty and cunning people condemn studies, for they think they are clever enough to do without them simple people admire books but they fail to use them in their practical life it is only the wise who make the right use of knowledge they derive from books.Books don’t teach their own use of knowledge they derive from books.This kind of “hum our” or “bias” or bookishness of a scholar is to be avoided.Studies bring to perfection one’s natural abilities through experience in handling life situations.Bacon remains singularly aloof from moral consideration.He judges the validity of a course of an action not on moral but prudential ground.


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