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(g) Poverty alleviation programme and eradication of economic imbalance.The Norway Round Table, in 1995, laid down some basic principles on sustainable devel­opment.

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Provision of basic human requirements like food, shelter, clothing, health, educa­tion etc. To explain the objectives of sustainable development, the Secretary General of the UNCED, Maurice F.

Strong, warned: “We have been literally living off the Earth’s capital, and that capital is being seriously depleted.

Different views agreed on some basic objectives of sustainable development can be grouped into: 1.

Creation of conditions that ensure the future survival of human beings and other living species. Creation of environment that provides and satisfies at least elementary basic re­quirements. Creation of environment that sustains biological and natural productivity sys­tems. Creation of conducive environment that accelerates economic development, effi­ciency and long-term prosperity. Creation of the sustainable system that helps preservation and protection of envi­ronment and eco-systems. Provision of social justice along with eradication of poverty and inequality. Creation of self-sufficient economy and en masse participatory environment. Lowering of population growth, particularly in the developing world. Protection of regional cultures, diversity, regional knowledge and age-old time- tested eco-friendly practices.

So, sustainable development should be ecologically conformable, economically viable and socially acceptable.

The most widely used term ‘Sustainable Development’ was first coined by ‘Cocoyoc Dec­laration’ in 1970.Unsustainable consumption pattern is more visible in physical infrastructures like energy, housing, transport and waste management.Cultural habits and societal outlook is responsible for that. The business and industrialist community has specific role to manage environ­mental impacts of the goods and services it provides. Political institutions have a role to change consumption pattern rather than con­sumption volumes. For rectification in chain of production-consumption and final disposal govern­ment must provide incentive measures, infrastructural facilities, proper leader­ship and legislative regulations. Responsible organizations like trade unions must involve themselves in the agenda of consumption and production pattern change. Individuals have the great role in different aspects like consumer, householder, worker, decision-maker and even as voter.(e) Participation of the people in the decision-making process.(f) Diversification of economy to enable the population to select their life-style.Since then, the term has gained publicity and popularity.The word is now considered ‘panacea’ or medicine to combat all development-related problems—national or international.Not only international development reports, but individuals like Barbier (1987), Daly (1989), Pezzy (1989) and Rees (1988) also tried earnestly to develop the idea of sustainability of devel­opment.Despite difference of opinions among different countries, commissions and international agencies, major objectives of sustainable development can be earmarked very easily: A. Environment and bio-diversity should be preserved for the ultimate future of mankind. Individuals and countries should be integrated to the process of sustainable de­velopment.Read this essay to learn about Sustainable Development. Definition and Meaning of Sustainable Development 2. Rather, it should be corollary with natural productive process. This development process should not be contradictory with nature.


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