Team Communication Research Paper

Like this, there are various definitions and concepts about communication in today's world.

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The success of a project largely depends on the efficiency of its communication network.

It starts working from day one of the venture and continues for the entire life span of the project.

Let's say a document related to the project is being faxed by the project manager.

Encoder: This device encodes the message to be sent. Medium: This is the device or technology to transport the message between the encoder and the decoder. Decoder: This device decodes the message to be received. Receiver: This refers to the person who receives the communication finally.

The receiver may interpret the information, make a comment, and send it back to the sender.

Feedback: The communication may be disrupted by noise and misinterpret the message.The word communication comes from the Latin word communis, which means common.When we communicate, we are trying to establish “commonness” with someone.Communication is an essential tool in the field of project management.It is gaining importance everyday and is the center of all management processes soon.It has been said that 90% of a project manager's time is spent communicating what is going to be done.This paper details what communication means in a project, the steps required for effective communication, the major obstacles in communication, how to overcome obstacles through communication sharing, the importance of communications in diverse work groups, and a four-step process for effective communication.If we imagine each portion of the model as a fax machine, it would be easier to visualize the components.Sender: This refers to the person who first initiates the communication.Enterprise environmental factors and organizational process assets are also described.So in short, if the steps outlined in this paper are considered and followed, more time would be saved for the project manager.


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