Techniques For Revising An Essay

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Revising and editing are the two tasks you undertake to significantly improve your essay.Both are very important elements of the writing process.Circle any typos or mistakes that you notice, but focus on the big picture. I often rewrite the whole thing (especially when working on fiction), starting afresh with a blank document on the computer.

Revising and editing are the two tasks you undertake to significantly improve your essay.

Making revision notes seems to be something that causes many students concern.

There is no big mystery as to what should go into your notes.

Look out for: If you’re not 100% sure about a spelling, double-check with a dictionary: try Merriam-Webster for clear, succinct definitions.

When you can’t quite find the right word, using a thesaurus can help (again, Merriam-Webster is good).

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You can take this answer away, study it and build on it so that come exam day, you're prepared for the most likely questions.Once you’ve sorted out the big picture, you can start fixing any individual sentences and words.Again, it’s a good idea to print out the document and do this on paper: I find I miss errors on screen (especially typos which are valid words, such as “they’re” for “their”).Identifying these weaknesses during revision will inform the next draft.In general, revision of written work can be guided by the following questions: Successful revision is not improving grammar or diction. However, there are instances when the writer or the author employs a strategy that involves a reviewing process.There are scholarship and theories citing this particular theme such as the case of the three-component model identified by Hayes and Flower Here, a review by the writer or a third party, which often entails corrective annotations, is part of the process that leads to the revision stage.Recently, due to the collaborative capabilities offered by the Internet, there are writers who "crowdsource" reviews from several people, who contribute digital annotations.Revision itself is not indicative of the quality of the text. White acknowledge the need for revision in the writing process: “Few writers are so expert that they can produce what they are after on the first try.In their seminal book, The Elements of Style, William Strunk, Jr. Quite often you will discover, on examining the completed work, that there are serious flaws in the arrangement of the material, calling for transpositions...If it’s a short story, do any passages drag – or go too fast?Print out the first draft, and read through the whole thing, concentrating on the overall flow of the piece.


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