The Chocolate War Essay Introduction

Brother Leon knows that Archie is the one responsible for this, and he allows the violence against Jerry to continue.Jerry's final punishment comes when Archie organizes a cruel gladiatorial boxing match in front of the whole school between Jerry and a bully named Emile a story told laconically, in very short scenes and chapters, with brief dialogues and few descriptive passages.

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Both Archie and Leon are threatened by Jerry's defiance, feeling that they will both be destroyed if the chocolate sale fails.

Archie manages to rally The Vigils into making the sale their personal project, organizing teams to sell the chocolates and make it a success.

Conformity can be introduced via peer pressure and/or accepted social norms.

Both Hook and Anzaldua talk about conforming, economically and linguistically respectively, to society.

He completes the ten-day run, but, having been affected by the ugly culture of deceit and cruelty around him, decides to defy both Trinity The Vigils by continuing to refuse to sell the chocolates.

This leads to heavy persecution of Jerry by The Vigils: they vandalize his property, beat him severely, and arrange for his ostracism by the community at large.Goober must unscrew every single screw on every single piece of furniture in a classroom (a task that would have been impossible had certain masked Vigils not shown up in the middle of the night to lend a hand), causing a raucous collapse during school the next day.The disruption so upsets the teacher, Brother Eugene, that he must go on a leave of absence.She then points out how far people are willing to go to avoid the stigma of being poor.Teenagers killing for a certain pair of shoes or a jacket (434) or buying items that indicate success like a large TV (435) even if it means going into debt and forgoing certain necessities.Her native Chicano is a mixture of Spanish and English but she could never speak it around native Spanish speakers since they considered it a “bastard language” (377).Her own people would call her a “cultural traitor” for speaking the “oppressor’s language” (375).Jerry wants very much to make the team, perhaps partially because he has recently lost his mother to cancer.Archie, the "Assigner" and brains of a secret organization called The Vigils, watches from the stands.Conformity is defined as a type of cultural influence involving a change in belief or behavior in order to fit in with a group.First studied in 1932 conformity can take on many different forms and is part of our everyday lives.


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