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Not bad at all, and unexpectedly Catholic in its ideas and also explicitly in the plot, in places.This year we are once again delving into the Middle Ages. As I’ve said before, nothing makes history come alive as well as an excellent historical novel.

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This is my favorite time period in history because we witness the blossoming of Christendom despite barbarian invasions, the spread of heresies, the Crusades, a devastating plague, and division in the Church. So for those of you who are like-minded, here is the book list: Story of Civilization Vol. She made literature guides for some of our very favorite historical novels about the Middle Ages.

Indeed, we can see the hand of God guiding the Church through all of this turmoil, raising up great saints to spread the Gospel. The boys read or listen to three chapters a week from a novel and then discuss the questions over a Face Time meeting.

Mystics and Madmen From the memoirs of the King's henchman, Thomas Cromwell, is it is clear that the fate of the Last Abbot of Glastonbury had already been decided before he had left the Tower; Richard Whiting was guilty and should suffer before his own community the ultimate indignity, and destined for him the gruesome death of a traitor in the sight of his own Abbey; Cromwell decreed the Abbot was to be hung, drawn and quartered at Glastonbury.

Councillors to give evidence against the Abbot of Glaston, Rich. Moyle." - The Remembrances of Thomas Cromwell, October 1539.

This is one of the books I agreed to read in our almost-successful summer book swap.

The action takes place in Opium, a country that runs between the US and the former Mexico, where super-wealthy drug lords control the lives of everyone else, even putting brain implants on some, to make them pliant, witless slaves, and making clones of themselves to use as ever-ready organ donors. Sara Louise inherited her appreciation for good authors from her mom, who volunteered in the library of the Christian school where Sara attended as a girl—and who still collects books in her eighties.This love of the written word now extends to the third and fourth generation—all of whom have bookshelves lining their walls.Time for another round of Darwin’s Immediate Book Meme! The Darwins (who are not responsible for the terrible image at the top. I alone) say: There are plenty of memes that want to know all about your book history and your all-time greats and your grand ambitions, but let’s focus on something more revealing: the books you’re actually reading now, or just read, or are about to read. The author’s vocabulary has an oddly stunted, juvenile quality to it, but the way the story unfolds is pretty skillful, and the plot is a pretty good adventure. In a reverse from last time I read this book, I’m finding the “war” part much more compelling than the “peace” part; and I’m finding Tolstoy much snippier than I may be able to handle for the whole seven inches. There’s a good story in there, but it needs to be edited, and then that editor needs to quit because she wanted to be with her boyfriend in Scottsdale, and then another editor needs to take over, rename the publishing house, cut about 40% out of this particular novel and replace it with something that makes some sense, and then buy everyone new office chairs.Russell." Just as Rusell had reported, Whiting's lifeless body was cut down, the head hacked off and his corpse divided into four parts.Before nightfall Whiting's head had been fixed over the gateway of his Abbey at Glastonbury, the four parts of his body dispersed to Bridgewater, Ilchester, Wells and at Bath. Of course, I had to go and make a list of historical novels and picture books that match up (more or less) with each of the chapters in the text.Here they are: Augustine Came to Kent The Hidden Treasure of Glaston The Trumpeter of Krakow Adam of the Road Otto of the Silver Hand And forgive me for putting in a plug for two of my daughter’s books that take place during Medieval times: Joan’s Quest, with a free study guide here, The Red O’Reilly How many of you make your kids memorize history dates?


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