Thesis About Payment System

Thesis About Payment System-11
Various sites and projects in network only work with certain payment systems and to work with all of them, you will need the appropriate accounts.The most popular international online payment systems include Perfect Money, Pay Pal, as well as multicurrency payment system Payeer.Using these tools for account management, you can easily make necessary monetary transactions online with electronic money.

It’s easy and free with any electronic payment system.

Your account will keep the history of all transactions and money amounts.

Various OPS have different levels of development, different functionality, different network coverage, different purpose.

Usually, the currency of one payment system can be exchanged for the currency of another OPS, but not always, moreover, such an operation would require some commission.

· Confidentiality: third parties should not be able to monitor such payments.

· Settlement: separate banking institutions must have a way of settling their accounts.

For account management, online payment systems offer its users a Web interface or proprietary software.

If you use the software, you must first download and install its distribution on your computer.

Every day, the market of online payment systems grows and develops.

There are all new payment systems, offering their services to online users.


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