Thesis Defense Outline

The MA defense is undertaken at the end of the third or fourth semester in residence and represents the culmination of graduate study.The Graduate School provides guidelines under Theses and Dissertations and Preparing to Graduate.The Chair’s chief responsibility is to make sure that the student works with the office to schedule the necessary meetings and serves as an interface between the committee’s recommendations to the student and any other concerns that the student or mentor may have during the training process.

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At least two DAC members must be from the group of GPN training faculty (ideally one from each campus).

The final 5 member composition of the DAC at the defense includes a minimum of 2 readers of the dissertation.

You are responsible for communicating your plans to your committee members as you plan for the defense.

Keep in mind that the faculty members may be part of multiple thesis committees, so waiting until the very last possible day for the defense can be a problem schedule-wise. You may also invite additional advisors (for example, other faculty or staff technologists) and a couple of supporters if you wish.

Immediately after you submit the thesis in the proper form according to the Graduate School guidelines, you should email a copy of the thesis to all of your committee members and the Directors of Graduate Study for the MA.

Your committee should have two full weeks to review the thesis.

Members of a student’s Qualifying Exam Committee can also participate on their DAC; in fact, the three examining committee members may often end up being the readers of the dissertation, but this is not mandatory.

The Chair of the committee cannot be a reader of the dissertation.

We will then call you back into the room, and let you know our decisions.

Assuming you pass, there are some documents we will need to sign as well.


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