Thesis On Service Quality In Banks

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Service quality: is the ability to provide assistance, service or product that meets the expectations of the banking customers (Tega, Ogege&Ideji 2014). Summary The study will focus on identifying the strength and direction of the relationship that exists between service quality of tellers in the bank and customer satisfaction.

The researcher will develop a conceptual framework to guide in establishing whether the independent variable influences the independent variable.

The terms are derived from the keywords and specific objectives that guide this study.

However, the term ‘consumer’, ‘customer’, and ‘client’ are used synonymously and interchangeably in the study.

Section 3: Literature Review - Importance of the Research Question The research questions are important since they will reveal the nature of the relationship between the quality of banking services offered by bank tellers and satisfaction of customers in Kuwait.

The main purpose behind of this study is to find out the major factors that have impact in customer satisfaction and customer loyalty in case of commercial banks of Nepal.After testing the hypotheses using various techniques, it was found that service quality dimensions such as tangibility, reliability, responsiveness, empathy and assurance had significant positive impact on customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.Similarly, one of the situational factors stated as years of relationship had significant positive relationship with customer satisfaction while another situational factor stated as frequency of visiting bank had a significant negative relationship with customer satisfaction.All these forms were collected from various commercial banks in Kathmandu, Nepal.In order to analyze the data, Statistical Packages for Social Sciences (SPSS) was used and analytical techniques like factor analysis, multiple regression analysis, descriptive analysis were used along with Sobel test for mediation analysis.uses cookies to personalize content, tailor ads and improve the user experience. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. - To examine the influence of listening of tellers in the bank on the level of customer satisfaction - To assess the influence of reliability of tellers in the bank on the level of customer satisfaction - To establish the influence of responsiveness of teller in the bank on the level of customer satisfaction - To ascertain the influence of servant leadership attributes of tellers in the bank on the level of customer satisfaction C.Research Hypothesis The study is guided by the following null hypotheses.In order to collect data for analysis, 375 completely filled questionnaires were collected within one month.The participants were asked to fill up the questionnaire form with face to face interaction.


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