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You won’t really put all of your effort into “selling” the idea if you don’t really care about it. You have to seek approval from your teacher or advisor before you can start the research.

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The Lexicon "The text can be used for introductory and advanced courses, and for courses that touch upon different aspects of the lexicon, such as lexical semantics, lexicography, syntax, general linguistics, computational lexicology and ontology design." With the help of your donations we have been making good progress on designing and launching our new website!

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On the interaction of prosody and syntax in the history of English with a few spotlights on German, Augustin Speyer PDF Linguistic change and stabilization in the transition from adolescence to adulthood, Suzanne Evans Wagner PDF Early verb representations, Sudha Arunachalam PDF Free choice and negative polarity: A compositional analysis of Korean polarity sensitive items, Jinyoung Choi PDF Stability and change along a dialect boundary: The low vowels of Southeastern New England, Daniel Ezra Johnson PDF Laryngeal contrast in Seoul Korean, Jonathan D Wright PDF Phonological variation and change in the dialect of Charleston, South Carolina, Maciej Andrzej Baranowski PDF The Banarasi Bhojpuri verb system, Susan Blair Das PDF Usage -based effects in Latin American Spanish syllable -final /s/ lenition, Michelle Annette Minnick Fox PDF Korean zero pronouns: Analysis and resolution, Na-Rae Han PDF Semantics and pragmatics of arbitrariness, Sophia Alexandra Malamud PDF Sociolinguistic variation and linguistic history in Mayan: The case of K'ichee', Sergio Francisco Romero PDF Games interlocutors play: New adventures in compositionality and conversational implicature, Ian Ross PDF Dialect variation in school settings among African -American children of low -socioeconomic status, Anne Harper Charity PDF Modeling phonological variation in multidialectal Italy, Christopher Cieri PDF Of "moice" and men: The evolution of a male -led sound change, Jeffrey Christopher Conn PDF Tone patterns of Kelantan Hokkien and related issues in Southern Min tonology, Alan Lee PDF Sociolinguistic variation and language change in El Palenque de San Basilio (Colombia), Thomas Barry Morton PDF Constraints on structural borrowing in a multilingual contact situation, Tara Savannah Sanchez PDF On the semantics of free relatives with -ever, Victoria Ann Tredinnick PDF Complex causatives and verbal valence, Alexander Williams PDF The position of morphological *case in the derivation: A study on the syntax -morphology interface, Thomas Mc Fadden PDF Domains of measurement: Formal properties of non -split /split quantifier constructions, Kimiko Nakanishi PDF Syntactic form and discourse function in natural language generation, Cassandre Yvonne Creswell PDF Discourse semantics of S -modifying adverbials, Katherine Margaret Forbes PDF The quest for a referent: A crosslinguistic look at reference resolution, Elsi Miia Katariina Kaiser PDF The syntax -discourse interface: Effects of the main -subordinate distinction on attention structure, Eleni Miltsakaki PDF Viking pronouns in England: Charting the course of THEY, THEIR, and THEM, Elise Emerson Morse-Gagne PDF Constraints on the *generation of referring expressions, with special reference to Hindi, Rashmi Prasad PDF Term selection for information retrieval applications, J.

Hiring managers' attitudes toward African -American Vernacular English, Anita Louise Henderson PDF The neural encoding of lexical perception in the human cortex: A functional magnetic resonance imaging study, Nadia Madelaine Biassou PDF The effect of geographic mobility on the retention of a local dialect, David Franklin Bowie PDF Beyond identity: Topics in pronominal and reciprocal anaphora, Alexis Dimitriadis PDF Historical phonology of Old Indo -Aryan consonants, Masato Kobayashi PDF Korean Americans as speakers of English: The acquisition of general and regional features, Hikyoung Lee PDF Variable liaison in Parisian French, Christine Moisset PDF Free relatives and related matters, Roumyana Ivanova Pancheva Izvorski PDF Minimal indirect reference: A theory of the syntax -phonology interface, Amanda Hallie Seidl PDF Covert modality in non-finite contexts, Rajesh Bhatt PDF Incorporating punctuation into the sentence grammar: A lexicalized tree adjoining grammar perspective, Christine D Doran PDF The structure and interpretation of imperatives: Mood and force in universal grammar, Chung-hye Han PDF The interpretation and realization of focus: An experimental investigation of focus in English and Hungarian, Beth Ann Hockey PDF Pronunciation modeling in speech synthesis, Corey Andrew Miller PDF Aspects of Pit River phonology, Bruce Edwin Nevin PDF The semantics and acquisition of time in language, Laura M Wagner PDF Variation and change in the nativization of foreign (a) in English, Charles Soren Boberg PDF Voice and the interfaces of syntax, David Embick PDF The English and Spanish of young adult Chicanos, Carmen Richardson Fought PDF Prosodic domains and ambisyllabicity in optimality theory, Soonhyun Hong PDF Burglars, babysitters, and persons: A sociolinguistic study of generic pronoun usage in Philadelphia and Minneapolis, Lou Ann Matossian PDF Be I no gat: Constraints on null subjects in Bislama, Miriam Meyerhoff PDF Grammatical and discourse properties of null arguments in English, Sharon Ann Cote PDF Grammatical categories of the verb in African-American Vernacular English, Elizabeth Dayton PDF Quantification and predication in Mandarin Chinese: A case study of , Shi-Zhe Huang PDF The dynamics of language spread: A study of the motivations and the social determinants of the spread of Sango in the Republic of Central Africa, Mark E Karan PDF The prosodic structure of Latvian, A.

A Critical Analysis of Federal Refugee Resettlement Policy and Local Attendant English Language Training in Portland, Oregon, Domminick Mc Parland PDF Explorations into the Psycholinguistic Validity of Extended Collocations, J.

Arianna Morgan PDF A Comparison of Linguistic Features in the Academic Writing of Advanced English Language Learner and English First Language University Students, Margo K.PDF Dialect Boundaries and Phonological Change in Upstate New York, Aaron J.Wallenberg PDF Socioeconomic aspects of linguistic variation in Polish, Lukasz Abramowicz PDF A sociolinguistic study of the regional French of Normandy, Damien John Hall PDF Plurality and distributivity, Yoon-kyoung Joh PDF The postsyntactic derivation and its phonological reflexes, Marjorie Pak PDF Semantic operators in different dimensions, Tatjana Scheffler PDF Topicalization and clash avoidance.Russell PDF The First Year: Development of Preservice Teacher Beliefs About Teaching and Learning During Year One of an MA TESOL Program, Emily Spady Addiego PDF L1 Influence on L2 Intonation in Russian Speakers of English, Christiane Fleur Crosby PDF English Loan Words in Japanese: Exploring Comprehension and Register, Naoko Horikawa PDF The Role of Expectations on Nonnative English Speaking Students' Wrtiting, Sara Marie Van Dan Acker PDF Hypothetical Would-Clauses in Korean EFL Textbooks: An Analysis Based on a Corpus Study and Focus on Form Approach, Soyung Yoo PDF Negative Transfer in the Writing of Proficient Students of Russian: A Comparison of Heritage Language Learners and Second Language Learners, Daria Aleeva PDF Informal Learning Choices of Japanese ESL Students in the United States, Brent Harrison Amburgey PDF Iktomi: A Character Traits Analysis of a Dakota Culture Myth, Marianne Sue Kastner PDF Motivation in Late Learners of Japanese: Self-Determination Theory, Attitudes and Pronunciation, Shannon Guinn-Collins PDF Foreign Language Students' Beliefs about Homestays, Sara Racheal Juveland PDF Teaching Intonation Patterns through Reading Aloud, Micah William Park PDF Disordered Thought, Disordered Language: A corpus-based description of the speech of individuals undergoing treatment for schizophrenia, Lucas Carl Steuber PDF Emotion Language and Emotion Narratives of Turkish-English Late Bilinguals, Melike Yücel Koç PDF A Library and Its Community: Exploring Perceptions of Collaboration, Phoebe Vincenza Daurio PDF A Structural and Functional Analysis of Codeswitching in Mi Vida Gitana `My Gypsy Life,' a Bilingual Play, Gustavo Javier Fernandez PDF Writing Chinuk Wawa: A Materials Development Case Study, Sarah A.Braun Hamilton PDF Teacher Evaluation of Item Formats for an English Language Proficiency Assessment, Jose Luis Perea-Hernandez PDF Building community and bridging cultures : the role of volunteer tutors in Oregon's Latino serving community-based organizations, Troy Vaughn Hickman PDF Beyond the classroom walls : a study of out-of-class English use by adult community college ESL students, Tracey Louise Knight PDF A dialect study of Oregon NORMs, Lisa Wittenberg Hillyard PDF Self-perceptions of non-native English speaking teachers of English as a second language, Kathryn Ann Long PDF Writing in the Contact Zone: Three Portraits of Reflexivity and Transformation, Laurene L.Krisjanis Karins PDF Language contact and language change in the Faetar speech community, Naomi Gail Nagy PDF External constraints on sound change: The raising of /o/ in Seoul Korean, Seo-young Chae PDF Switch -reference and the structure of Lakhota narrative discourse, Richard Watson Lungstrum PDF Variable zero -marking of (o) in T\cx oky\cx o Japanese, Kenjiro Matsuda PDF Null vs.overt subjects in Turkish discourse: A centering analysis, Umit Deniz Turan PDF The categorical and variable phonology of Russian, Ekaterina L Zubritskaya PDF Pronomial clitics in Qu\'ebec colloquial French: A morphological analysis, Julie Auger PDF *Variation and phonological theory, William Thomas Reynolds PDF Acquisition of variable rules: (-t,d) deletion and (ing) production in preschool children, Julia Lee Roberts PDF Phrase structure and the syntax of clitics in the history of Spanish, Josep M Fontana PDF Scrambling as Case-Driven Obligatory Movement, Young-Suk Lee PDF Variation in Q'eqchi' (Q'eqchi' Mayan): Four compound deictic forms and their role in structuring discourse, Linda J Maisel PDF Pronominal and null subject variation in Spanish: Constraints, dialects, and functional compensation, Richard Cameron PDF Linguistic variation in urban Jamaican creole: A sociolinguistic study of Kingston, Jamaica, Peter Lumpkin Patrick PDF The historical development of the -cleft, Catherine N Ball PDF Sociolinguistic variation in Cairene Arabic: Palatalization and the in the speech of men and women, Niloofar Haeri PDF Layers of predication: The non-lexical syntax of clauses, Caroline Heycock PDF Phrase structures in competition: Variation and change in Old English word order, Susan Pintzuk PDF Phonetic simplification processes in the *English of the Barrio: A cross -generational sociolinguistic study of the Chicanos of Los Angeles, Otto Santa Ana A.Bruno PDF GENERATING AMHARIC PRESENT TENSE VERBS: A NETWORK MORPHOLOGY & DATR ACCOUNT, T.Halcomb PDF THE DECLENSIONS OF MODERN EASTERN ARMENIAN: A PARADIGM FUNCTION MORPHOLOGY APPROACH, Malachi W.You are perfectly able to bring your ideas to your advisor and have them help you determine which one is the most promising out of your list.If your advisor shows enthusiasm for your topic it is likely that they will be much more invested in supporting you during the writing process.


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