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For example, I wanted to be able to design a game's tiles at a normal angle but re-draw them at a 45-degree angle for an isometric view.

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Rotating an image when the size changes cuts off the edges of the image.

One solution is to redraw the original on a larger image, centered, where the larger image's dimensions compensate for the need of not clipping the edges.

The original image: The centered tile in a larger image: The rotated image (where you rotate the larger image, not the original): The code (based in part on this answer in another question): This solution assumes that you want to draw the image in a picture box and that the image orientation will follow the mouse movements over this picture box. Instead I'm getting the image from a project resource.

private float _angle; public Form1() private void Picture Box_Mouse Move(object sender, Mouse Event Args e) private void Picture Box_Paint(object sender, Paint Event Args e) // Uses C# 7.0 value tuples / . // For previous versions, return a Point F instead.

I want to have one picture in my application that I can rotate to indicate directions, like wind direction. If color = transparent the output image will be 32-bit, /// otherwise the output image will be 24-bit.

The result can be one of three cases: /// - upsize Ok = true: output image will be larger than the input, and no clipping occurs /// - upsize Ok = false & clip Ok = true: output same size as input, clipping occurs /// - upsize Ok = false & clip Ok = false: output same size as input, image reduced, no clipping /// /// A background color must be specified, and this color will fill the edges that are not /// occupied by the rotated image.I am trying to figure out how to re-size an image so that it keeps it ratio of width to height, but gets re-sized until the height of the image matches the height of the containing div.I have these images that are pretty large and long (screenshots), and I want to put them into a 200px width, 180px height div for display and without re-sizing the images manually.In other words, Word Press needs server-side access to the image so it can make and save changes.Uploading an image — or images — is easier than ever in recent versions of Word Press.One thing that you do need to be aware of, though, is the fact that your page must be compiled as using Word Press, then the Thesis Theme will save you some time here, and you won’t have to deal with any code at all! The Word Press Media Gallery includes a handy image editor you can use from the comfort of the Word Press Admin.Large uploads may take a while to reach the server, but there’s a progress indicator to keep you informed as to your image’s progress.Once your image is uploaded, you’ll see a screen like this in Word Press: Because the focus of this entry is on using the WP image editing controls, we’ll gloss over — arrows 1 and 2 — adding a title, alt text, description, and captions.Dynamic every time…but wait, doesn’t that require work to pull off?Not if you use my incredibly simple random header image solution! For the purposes of this example, we’re going to use 5 different images to pull off our random header effect.


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