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That should be the objective of writing the best essay.

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• Choose a topic in descriptive essays, which is close to your heart where you think you know something important to share.

• Penning down your thoughts is the first step to the effective descriptive essay. A movie you consider was not appreciated enough by the Academy.

In a similar way, you can also elaborate on an event, which can be your memorable experiences such as your trekking trip last year, or a global event such as the tsunami in Japan!

You can also write about your favorite sports activity or emotion such as anger!

Maybe, some of those movies made an impact on you, maybe they did not.

There are many things that can be described about movies. • Re-read your article and refine with respect to grammar and vocabulary by following. Movies: You have definitely watched a lot of movies. Effective descriptive essays should provide information about the topic to its readers in such an illustrative way where readers can get the insight of the topic through their senses! This may be a part of your academic assignments as students or you may wish to pen down your thoughts or understanding something. Mostly such descriptive essays include any of the following topics. Concluding paragraph should complement the thesis statement and summarize the events mentioned in the main body in an effective manner. Readers should come to note that the essay is about to end and the message should be clearly highlighted in last concluding paragraph. Read it again or ask some friend to read it and invite suggestion. You may find some correction related to grammars, you may also encounter some repetitive facts which you can rectify and you may also recollect something which you missed to include. Though reading your own writings may sometime look unexciting, but it is very much recommended to have a final touch on the content. For example of ‘Trekking Trip to the Himalayas’, in the first paragraph of the main body, write about how hiking expeditions bring you close to nature, write about the destination and unknown facts about the Himalayas, your skiing experiences, your campfire memories etc. The last paragraph of the main body should also include the skill set required for hiking and what quality one can develop being in such expeditions.


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