Using Cellphone While Driving Essay

Recent data, however, suggest that these measures haven't had much of an impact. Motao Zhu point out, distracted driving-related fatalities increased by 22 percent between 20, despite an overall decrease in crash-related deaths.

Unfortunately, many of these daily operations occur while the individual is driving.

As a result, many accidents have taken place in the last ten years due to the use of cellular phones while on the road.

For example, accidents get reported to 911 rapidly, traffic updates occur more often because citizens call and report back ups, and drivers who need to be taken off the road because of being intoxicated or just plain reckless will be located quicker and easier.

I do, however, believe that more safety precautions need to be taken for individuals who will be talking on their phones while driving.

In a survey, Coben and Zhu found that 40 percent of drivers continue to use their cellphones while driving, with 15 percent admitting to texting from behind the wheel.

Given that these figures were self-reported, Coben's results likely underestimate the true prevalence of distracted driving.Proving that a driver was actually texting, moreover, often requires prosecutors to subpoena a suspect's phone records — an onerous task to pursue in the name of a mere traffic violation.Even if these records were obtained, they wouldn't guarantee proof of criminal behavior, since many users now text through third-party apps such as Whats App or Viber, which circumvent traditional texting networks.I understand that restricting cell phone usage while driving all together isn't the best means to solving the problem.Many good aspects come from cellular use in the car.That cellphones increase risks to driver safety is a widely accepted truth; according to Coben, talking while driving increases that risk by a factor of six, while texting increases it by a factor of 23.The question, though, is whether legal bans are strong enough to mitigate this risk.One of the most recent advancements in cellular technology are the hands-free phone kits...Distracted driving continues to pose a major safety risk across the United States, and it's a problem that can't be solved through legislation alone."To this point, we have focused primarily on education and legislation, and we haven't focused enough on engineering and technology to reduce the use of handheld devices," he continued.In Coben's view, in-car texting should be treated in the same way that airbags or antilock brakes address other safety hazards — that is, through built-in technologies.


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