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The best way to strike a conversational tone is to pretend you’re saying it to someone else, write it down exactly as you said it, and then clean it up.

That might be harder for visual learners who aren’t used to processing information in an auditory way, but it comes with practice.

From a grammar perspective, it takes the reader out of whatever story or anecdote you’re sharing.

They expect you to write about yourself, not tell them what to do.

They like know that you’re confident and clear, and that you’re bringing them into the story instead of isolating them. So beware of passive construction even when there’s no actor.

Essays On The Odyssey - Using Contractions In Application Essays

The shortened words of #2 help the language seem less stiff and ease the flow of the sentence. When it sounds weird or it sounds better to place emphasis on each word by separating them (That Notice how the active sentence is shorter and clearer. We also understand that sometimes passive voice is necessary.

Contractions are an important part of the spoken English language, and they instantly help readers get into a casual, conversational voice as they read the essays to themselves. There are better ways to create a more active sentence, though.

Admissions officers may play an official role, but they’re people too. For example: “Right now, the stress affects him.” “The racer didn’t want to run.” In both cases, I chose a more active verb to show movement, instead of the “is (verb)” construction of passive voice.

We think that an easygoing, non-stiff tone works best.

There isn’t one correct way to do it, so long as it sounds like you.


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