Using Quadratic Equations To Solve Word Problems

In this lesson we present some typical word problems that may be solved using quadratic equations.Solution of quadratic equations is described in the lesson Introduction into Quadratic Equations in this module. Solution Let be the unknown current speed of the river in miles/hour.In addition, the students’ written responses and interview data were qualitatively analyzed to determine the nature of the students’ difficulties in formulating and solving quadratic equations.

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I am answering because I do not have comment ability yet. Here is the problem, are you trying to get time or rate? d1 d2 = 76km d1 = v1*T d2 = v2*T T = 6h = 360min v1 = 1km/t v2 = 1km/(t-1min) Putting together...

1/t 1/(t-1min) = 76/360 This leads to 19*t^2 - 180*t 71 = 0 (steps suppressed) The answer is ~9.06 min, the other is less than half a min.

Many quadratic equations cannot be solved by factoring.

This is generally true when the roots, or answers, are not rational numbers.

When studying how to solve word problems we focus on general steps and approaches that will help you organize and solve the problem.

After you watch the lesson the most important thing to do is practice, practice, practice.

The amount of effort you invest in practicing solving word problems will be directional proportional to your mastery of them.

Lastly, quadratic equation word problems are interesting and I think fun- really study hard as these type of problems are on many tests to include the SAT/ACT.

A shell was fired from a mortar along a trajectory described by the equation 𝑦 = 0.19 0.31𝑥 − 0.5𝑥², where 𝑦 is the height of the shell above the ground in kilometres when it has travelled a horizontal distance of 𝑥 kilometres.

Find the horizontal distance covered by the shell before it hit the ground.


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