Watergate Scandal Research Paper

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Howard Hunt in the agendas of Bernard Barker and Eugenio Martinez, two of the alleged burglars.

A former CIA operative, Hunt had been hired as a security assistant by the White House on the recommendation of presidential counsel Charles Colson in 1971, and had subsequently moved on to work for CRP.

Woodward, we now know, had been tipped off by Mark Felt, the deputy director of the FBI.

The Bureau had itself become involved in the investigation of a mere burglary because once the police found wiretapping equipment, the investigation fell under its remit.

To date, Nixon is the only president of the United States to have resigned from office.

He did so as a direct consequence of his involvement in the attempted cover-up of the links between the arrested men, the White House, and the Committee to Re-Elect the President (officially named CRP, it became aptly known as CREEP) during the 1972 presidential elections.

Yet, we cannot understand Watergate and its consequences in isolation from the historical context in which they unfolded.

These included powerful political and cultural forces such as the movements against the Vietnam War and in favor of civil rights for the nation’s minorities; the counterculture; and the expanding "credibility gap" separating high national politics and politicians from the electorate.

During late 1972 and early 1973 the White House seemed to have succeeded in stalling the FBI investigation.

The official story put forth by the President’s men, however, began to fall apart on February 28, 1973, when L.


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