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Additionally, humans have been able to develop a culture, self-awareness, symbolic behavior, and emotional complexity.Human biological adaptations separated humans from our ancestors and facilitated learned behavior and cultural adaptations which widened that gap and truly made humans unlike any other animal.

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Human ancestry originates in primates and over time, we have physically evolved a great deal in order to become the modern humans that we are today.

Humans have larger brain sizes, longer legs, and are habitually bipedal all of which biologically separate humans from other animals and create the human identity.

However, words, sentences, and languages cannot be conserved like bones or tools, so the evolution of language is probably one of the most complicated topics to examine through scientific study.

Because of this great skill that humans have, they have advanced themselves in many areas while animals have been unable to, probably due to their brain, which in fact is another aspect which differentiates animals from humans.

According to social scientists, “…it is human thinking and reasoning that make us a unique species.” (The Psychological Answer: Cognitive Process, Pg.48-50) The cerebral cortex is that because of which humans have been able to do so much in their lives then compare to that of animals.

Humans can paint abstract pictures or use music as a way of evoking emotions or ideas, even though knowing that emotions and ideas have no form or sound.

One human trait that primates and any other kinds of animals do not share is ‘Bipedalism’, which is the ability to walk upright.

Some primates such as Language gives people many adaptive advantages, including the skill of planning for the future, to communicate the site of food or dangers to other members of a social group, and to tell stories that unite a group, such as histories.

One of the most important and pivotal physical and biological adaptations that separate humans from other mammals is habitual bipedalism.

According to Darwin, as restated by Daniel Lieberman, “It was bipedalism rather than big brains, language, or tool use that first set the human lineage off on its separate path form other apes” (Lieberman, 2013, p. Humans are unique in that they are one of the only animals that walk upright on two legs rather than four.


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